Tuesday, February 17, 2009


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The American Policy Roundtable
February 17 2009

Disgust and discouragement – the best way to describe the feeling so many have over the Congressional “stimulus package”. Disgust and discouragement because the stimulus is one more promise made that cannot be kept, one more false illusion of creating debt to mask pain, one more political cover-up by Congress.

So what do we do?

Perhaps it’s time to make a memory. Time to take a mental snapshot of that 14” pile of dog-eared papers authorizing one trillion dollars of debt-based promises. Let that pile of promises, created in three short weeks, voted on, but not read by Congress, burn into our imaginations.

This is our work. Congress serves only because we the people have empowered them by our Constitutional authority. They work for us and spend our money. Every one of those false promises was made in our name.

Are you tired of living in a land built on false promises? Tired of surrendering one-third to one-half of everything you earn to government officials who don’t even have time to read the next trillion-dollar bill they are sending you?

We are, and we are humbly praying for wisdom on how we get out of this mess. It’s not going to be easy but if you are ready for more than “talking points” and “talking heads,” we are ready to fight this challenge together.

Facing the truth is seldom easy but it’s time we make that change. This has nothing to do with political parties or personalities. This is about the integrity of every American community and family. A system built on false promises saves no one.

We have to face the truth and accept the responsibility of finding new leaders who will tell the truth in public office. Over the next few weeks you will be hearing more from both Roundtable and The Liberty Committee. Roundtable will be talking about the key principles and policies in this challenge. Liberty Committee (www.libertycommittee.com) will be talking about finding new leaders.

Fixing this task will take both efforts. My family supports both organizations every month because we have to do both – we must restore the principles of the Declaration and the Constitution to this culture and we must develop and support leaders who will honor those principles in public service.

We invite you to join with so many on this adventure.

David Zanotti
The American Policy Roundtable


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