Wednesday, March 12, 2008


If you are not familiar with THE PUBLIC SQUARE daily broadcast, I hope you'll take the time to listen online at  I meet with Dave Zanotti and the whole team every Monday in Cleveland to record each week's shows.  It's unlike anything I've ever done before-- and that's a good thing :)

There's no question but that many organizations are going through a tough time financially as people are nervous about the economy.  It's no different at THE PUBLIC SQUARE and I want you to read what recently went out to our supporters from Dave:

"Hillary Clinton is raising over one million dollars per day for her campaign for the Presidency.  At the same time, contributions for the Roundtable have dropped $150,000 in just the last nine weeks.  How does that work?

Friends around the country tell us we are not alone.  Charitable contributions are down everywhere.  People blame gas and food prices and a general depression over the coming election.  OK, we get that.  We are paying higher prices and facing the same tough times together.  We have made pay cuts, expense cuts, and turned down every thermostat as well.

But how come Hillary's supporters are giving over one million dollars per day to support her efforts?  Are Hillary supporters living in a different economy than everyone else?  Or have they figured out that people who pay the price now will see the prize at the end of the year?

The first nine weeks of 2008 have been devastating to our budget.  We need your financial support today.  This is a critical election year.  Without resources, we cannot help people understand the issues that face this state and nation."

I'm sure the case is the same with many non-profits right now.  I just wanted you to know how this downturn is affecting at least one very worthy organization.


At March 13, 2008 at 9:43 AM , Blogger mark said...

The Public Square is not alone in the drying up of funding activity. This trend has escalated across the country. I believe the key problem is a lack of stewardship discipline and materialism among the body. Solution? We need a revival of biblical stewardship practices. Emphasize this publicly. Align with ministries that teach these principles. Connect with churches that teach and practice whole life stewardship. Pray for the body to wake up. Publish testimonials of leaders that teach and practice this lost discipline. Don't give up...there is a remnant that cares :)!


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