Friday, March 14, 2008


Part of yesterday was spent in the studio with James MacDonald, as we worked on new WALK IN THE WORD programs for April and part of May. Given that we are on the radio together every day, you'd think that we'd see each other often. Actually, it's about every 4-6 weeks that we have a recording session, so it's great to catch up and swap stories. I love James' approach to expositional Bible teaching and God is using him mightily as a pastor, radio teacher, and author. You might find this strange, but it happens often that I'll hear something we did in production on the radio myself much later and God uses it to challenge me as a listener. I guess that's because I'm a slow learner! Actually, I wouldn't want it any other way because I love to listen just like anybody else does and let God's Word speak the truth that I need to hear. As the title of one of John Piper's books says, "BROTHERS, WE ARE NOT PROFESSIONALS".

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