Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Important Myanmar and China Updates

I just completed recording two interviews with David Hunt of Envoy Ministries which will be posted at their website later today.

First, regarding China's earthquake, not a lot is known at this point except that there has been a tremendous loss of life in the Sichuan Province and devastating damage. There is a large Christian population in the region, so as soon as communications lines are re-established, we should find out more from our friends in the house church movement. Funds are being collected now for aid and Envoy has committed 100% of what is designated for China will go there.

There is significant news coming out of Myanmar. David Hunt has been in constant contact with a Burmese pastor who has met with some of the military leaders and the Minister of Health. They have given their permission for aid by air and sea to be delivered to the church in Burma for distribution. This is a much needed window and Samaritan's Purse has already prepared an air shipment to be sent in through this channel. This will be a huge challenge for the Body of Christ in Burma, but think of the grateful people who are helped by their own Christian neighbors! Once again, anything gift given to Envoy will go in its entirety to the Myanmar relief effort and to those things the church is requesting.

These interviews will appear on the Envoy Ministries website later today and will be updated each day as new information reaches us. Any radio station who would like to make use of the audio interviews may do so as they have been posted to an ftp site. If you need access to the files, please email me at wshepherd@ameritech.net and I will give you the site and password.



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