Thursday, May 8, 2008

Misery In Myanmar

I am so grateful to God that just before leaving Moody Broadcasting I got to know Dr. David Hunt as one of the many guests I interviewed. David grew up in Vietnam as a missionary kid and now is President of Envoy Ministries. Because of David, I now have had the privilege of traveling to Cuba, Vietnam, and China for a firsthand look at the Church in these countries. My global view and understanding of God at work in the world has increased significantly through our friendship.

The remarkable thing about David is the personal connections he has made in so many different countries. This week, there is no better example than when he made contact with a Burmese pastor who had made it out of the cyclone zone and into Bangkok, Thailand. Since the military rulers in Myanmar (Burma) will not allow and foreign visitors, even if they are bringing in relief supplies, many organizations and countries are frustrated. However, as David learned talking with this dear pastor, they will allow the churches of Myanmar to receive humanitarian aid for distribution-- and they have the approval of the Minister of Health to do so. David immediately started spreading the word to many Christian relief agencies that they could work with this trusted pastor to get much needed aid into the country. It is already making a difference tonight.

Envoy Ministries is sending cash and responding in other ways (purchasing chain saws and generators, for example). The church in Myanmar is also asking for a printing of THE MOST IMPORTANT STORY EVER TOLD as an evangelistic tool that they can use in addition to the humanitarian aid.

If you are looking for a place to send money-- online or otherwise--to assist Myanmar, I would urge you to consider Envoy Ministries at this critical time. David has pledged that 100% of what is received will be sent.



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