Friday, May 2, 2008

Will the BILLY Movie Be Authentic?

Filming is nearing the end in Tennessee for the movie about the early life of Dr. Billy Graham. The scene is being shot today when Dr. Graham, at a time when spiritual doubts were beginning to creep into his mind, decided to fully trust God and accept His Word as infallible.

One of the producers and the man who wrote the script for this movie, Bill McKay, was in Wheaton doing additional research at the Billy Graham Center this week. Bill came over to my studio and we sat down for a long conversation which I recorded for radio. You can hear the hour-long interview at It will be posted in the news window later today.

One of the first questions people ask me about the movie is whether or not it will be a true representation of the facts of Dr. Graham's life. In answering that question, Bill McKay told me of a meeting in 2000 he had in LA with Dr. Graham. Even though the movie was not being thought of at that time, Billy Graham made a statement that is guiding the producers today. He told Bill that his greatest concern towards the end of his life was that his image on film never eclipse that of Jesus. Bill took that to heart and vowed that this new movie will be authentic. Further, Bill told me that he and the other filmmakers are committed that no detail in this film about Dr. Graham's life between 1934 and 1949 would diminish him in any way or diminish the One he serves.

At this point, it is hoped that the film will be in theaters in September of '08. At that time we will see the results of this commitment to tell the story as it really happened.



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