Friday, October 17, 2008

WCRH Sharathon

For someone who talks on the radio, the prospect of a non-stop radio sharathon for several days is a dream come true. But more importantly, I get to talk endlessly about what I've spent my whole life doing-- Christian radio-- and serving listeners through radio. This coming week, we'll be helping out at the WCRH Sharathon in Maryland. I did this once before several years ago and loved the experience, working with the staff and volunteers, led by Jeff Bean. The fact that Becky is going with me on this trip makes it extra nice. Plus, Steve Moore, formerly of Crown Ministries (and another talker!) will be on mic as well.

Two of the programs carried by WCRH for which I am "The Other Guy" are WALK IN THE WORD with James MacDonald, and IN THE STUDIO with Michael Card.


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