Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas in Russia

The last few weeks have been especially busy-- and rewarding. One thing that is going on right now is PROJECT HOPE through Russian Ministries. Russian churches have a vision to reach thousands of children this Christmas-- children who are victims of the recent war in Georgia, some who live in poverty in the Arctic Circle, and others who are orphans or street children. These Russian believers want to give up to 30,000 children a gift this Christmas-- warm socks, toys, candy, and a children's Bible-- but they don't have the money to buy the supplies. So, PROJECT HOPE gives us the chance to send $25 for each gift box. We give the money to the Russian churches and they spend it themselves on the gifts. With the restrictions on gifts coming from the West, this is the most practical way to get a gift into the hands of these needy children.

Many years ago, I had the opportunity to visit many orphanages and children's hospitals in the former Soviet Union-- and then more recently I was in Beslan in South Ossetia and saw firsthand how much the children respond when shown any kind of love and care.

The Russian Christmas will be observed on January 7, so there is still time to give to PROJECT HOPE. If you would rather call, the number is 888-462-7639. Also, I've placed some spots we produced and aired on WMBI for Russian Ministries on the front page of my website as featured audio.



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