Friday, March 27, 2009


Lots of change is in the air as we end the month of March and begin April. For instance, the weekly program HEARTLIGHT RADIO is changing both its title and its length. Now known as PARENTING TODAY'S TEENS, our weekly conversation has dropped down to 28 minutes-- and thus far the result is very promising with many more radio stations signing up for the broadcast through Roger Kemp and Company. As of this moment, we'll be on 462 stations starting with the month of April. The one minute feature will be on even far more than that, getting exposure on a majority of the Christian radio networks.

One more time, I am "radio's other guy" alongside our host, Mark Gregston. Mark and his wife, Jan, have over 30 years experience working with teens and their parents through Heartlight Ministries. I don't know anyone who is better equipped to offer help and hope to parents. Working with Mark in the studio (and laughing through all the antics that happen off the air) is a real treat. Not only does the listener get the benefit of Mark's advice and teaching, but we also talk to parents and teens about the practical-- sometimes painful and debilitating-- issues that families face living in today's world of adolescent challenges. One of the segments we enjoy doing the most is when we talk with teens who are living at Heartlight Ministries right now. You learn how devastating and difficult life has been for them, but also how quickly they can change with the right dose of love, structure, counseling, and discipline.

Yes, PARENTING TODAY'S TEENS can also be heard online. And on XM Radio, channel 170, Saturdays at 2:00 pm ET.


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