Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Letters To God- The Movie

We just spent two days in Orlando, invited by the producers of the movie Letters To God to come and record on-set radio interviews with the producers and director, cast, and crew. LTG is an inspiring movie about how a young boy fighting cancer finds strength and hope through writing letters to God and in doing so changes the lives of those around him. It is being directed by David Nixon who produced Fireproof and Facing The Giants for Sherwood Baptist. The company he and others have formed is Possibility Pictures and they have 3 movies currently in the pipeline. In addition to David Nixon as Director of this film, Cameron (Kim) Dawson is the Producer, and Tom Swanson the Executive Producer. Each of these men and all the others working diligently with them were a joy to get to know as they talked enthusiastically about their vision to bring more and more faith-based movies to the big screen. They were all extremely gracious and visionary men who are on a mission. Pray for them. Shooting continues on this film for a couple of more weeks and, pending a distribution deal, will release the movie sometime between late January and March, 2010.

I'll keep you posted on the release of the interviews that we recorded this week. One piece that will be released this weekend will be a part of THE PUBLIC SQUARE radio program as Dave Zanotti joined me on the set in Orlando to talk with Producer Kim Dawson. That will air this Saturday and then be archived at


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