Thursday, September 17, 2009

Metanoia Radio in Romania

I've just returned from a brief trip to Arad, Romania. Invited by Metanoia Church (Harvest Bible Chapel) and pastor Cristian Barbosu, I met with the Metanoia radio staff as well as the ownership, staff, and management of Alt FM, a new radio frequency that has only been on the air since May. As a church, Metanoia provides 3 hours per day of programming to Alt FM, producing their programs right in the studios of Alt FM. Talking with each member of the staff reminded me of the days when we started the Satellite Programming Department at Moody in the early 80's. Starting from scratch, lots of hard work, questions about strategy and program design, struggles over what music and how much to play, and how to find enough listener support to keep it all going. With all of this, plus a lot more that I probably did not pick up on, it's really amazing how far they have come in a short amount of time. Pray for this radio ministry that is seeking to reach a new generation of Romanian listeners. In the days to come I hope to be able to continue to encourage them by linking them to resources and people here in America that can help them thrive in their mission. Pray also that the Romanian government will allow the owners of Alt FM to equip and re-start an AM station which is a significant part of their strategy for survival. If anyone would like to know more, or how to financially support Metanoia's radio ministry, please email me at I'd be happy to tell you more. I've written a formal report on the trip which I can send to anyone who requests it.


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