Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Goin' Down To Georgia

When the movies Facing The Giants and Fireproof were released, it was great fun to host the live radio coverage of the premiers in Los Angeles in the Arclight Theatre. Now, the church in Albany, Georgia where these successful movies were birthed, is set to announce their newest film project. The announcement is to be made this Sunday, Nov. 15, in a Sunday night service at Sherwood Baptist. You can check out the website

On assignment with Renaissance Communications and my good friend Joe Battaglia, I will be providing audio clips of the announcement and interviews with Alex and Stephen Kendrick. These audio clips will be posted late Sunday night and will be available for radio stations to download and use on Monday morning broadcasts. I'll be talking with both Alex and Stephen Kendrick as well as Pastor Michael Catt, Ex. Producer Jim McBride, and others. The audio can be downloaded here:

Do I know what the movie will be? Nope, it's a big secret and I will find out when everyone else does Sunday night :)


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