Friday, March 28, 2008

Latest Audiobook Project

When I hosted OPEN LINE for Moody Broadcasting for many years, one of the guests who joined me often was Dr. Henry Blackaby. I always enjoyed our conversations immensely on and off radio. Many times Dr. Blackaby would tell me that because of his contact and ministry with many business CEO's he felt strongly that spiritual revival may come to America through godly businesspeople. Well, Henry and his son Richard have now written a book called GOD IN THE MARKETPLACE and I spent the last two days recording the audiobook version for Oasis Audio. I'm sure the audiobook will be available soon from Oasis.

One of the stories in the Blackaby book is that of businessman John Beckett, author of LOVING MONDAYS and MASTERING MONDAYS. I had the privilege of having dinner with John and Dave Zanotti last month in Orlando. I had interviewed John on the phone before, but what a treat to meet him and hear more of his heart for the Gospel. He told me about another website he has set up called LifesGreatestQuestion-- you can read John's story there. Many have and had their lives transformed.


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