Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Olympic Crackdown in China?

I took this photo in Bejing just about a year ago when the Olympics in China seemed far off.  Now, they will be here in just a few months.  While I was in China with David Hunt, I saw and heard myself the stories of Christian persecution from underground Church leaders. Prior to that trip, I would have thought that the coming Olympics would cause the Chinese to ease up.  Instead, I learned then-- and recent events in Tibet have confirmed-- that the religious persecution and human rights violations have only escalated.  I'm sure we only see through a glass darkly and have no idea how oppressed people really are.  One of my assignments is to keep us informed through Envoy Ministries.  You can visit this page to get the latest news and hear my conversation with David concerning what he is learning from his sources in China.  The audio file we recorded yesterday should be posted soon.  And, we'll keep updating the situation as it is quite possible that things will get more difficult in China for the underground Church before and during the Olympics. 


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