Thursday, April 17, 2008

Movie Making

I'm in the Lebanon, TN area where filmmakers are shooting scenes for the new movie on the early life of Dr. Billy Graham. I watched behind the scenes all day yesterday. It's an amazing process-- and very time consuming. I now understand better that the men and women who make these movies work long, hard hours.
One of the interviews recorded yesterday was with the director, Robby Benson. It is a joy to watch Robby work and see the way he goes about his craft. His instructions to the cast and crew are always clear and given with great respect and care.
We'll go into high gear for radio stations starting tonight. Producers Joe Carlson, Christian Klein, and Alan Duncan all arrive tonight and we start with a round of live radio interviews in the morning. Plus, we'll be recording interviews all day and begin posting them on the site set up for radio stations. For access to those audio features, email me at



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