Thursday, April 10, 2008


Without question, the most intense and exhilarating time of my life was the early 1980's when we re-invented Christian radio.  Satellite technology had made it possible to go live nationwide.  Our team totally revised the programming of Moody Broadcasting and created the Moody Broadcasting Network with a whole new lineup of anchor programs.  OPEN LINE was one of those programs-- really the first studio-quality live call-in show on Christian radio.  Many years later I became the host of the program in the 90's and learned to love doing long-form interviews and taking calls on every imaginable topic.

Of course, I was only one of many OPEN LINE hosts through the years.  Stan Ferris, Tedd Seeley, Chris Fabry, and others were all hosts at one time or another-- and there were a number of fine producers including Tricia Boyle these past few years.  However, since its inception OPEN LINE has had one constant voice two nights a week-- Radio Pastor Don Cole.   I'm listening to Don right now as he has four children in the studio asking him Bible questions.  It's still amazing to hear after all these years-- and sad to think that's it's all coming to an end.

OPEN LINE will finish it's run on Moody at the end of this month.  No more long form, conversational interviews (apparently some feel today's attention spans are too short).  And, most importantly, no more Don Cole answering listener's questions so patiently and with such common sense wisdom gained from decades of walking with God, reading His Word.  There will never be another radio program like it.

As a final hurrah, the producers have decided to re-play some programs from the past.  I was dial surfing on my way home from the airport last night when I heard a clip of an interview I did with Brother Andrew just a couple of years ago-- some of which I had already forgotten.  Friday night I see that they are playing portions of the interview with Paul Rusesabagina (the true story of HOTEL RWANDA), and the program with Joe Carlson as the producer in Beslan, Russia.  That trip and story will never be forgotten in my mind.  

The grass withers, the flower fades, but the Word of our God will stand forever.


At April 13, 2008 at 9:23 PM , Blogger Main Street Computers said...

The mark has been left. Lives have been changed and radio will forever be inspired. (One young producer can testify to that.)


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