Sunday, June 1, 2008

Michael Card DVD

After talking about it several times on "In The Studio With Michael Card", I finally got a chance to see today's "Day of Discovery" TV program featuring Mike in Ephesus, teaching the book of John. It's as good as I thought it would be and I ordered the 4-part DVD myself today. Here's the DVD description from the "Day of Discovery" website:

"You might be familiar with the New Testament book of Ephesians, and you've probably heard of Jesus' beloved disciple John, but did you know that John spent almost half of his life in Ephesus? Now you can take a fascinating trip with author and teacher Michael Card to Ephesus and see some of the most stunning archeological sites in the modern world. See the places that would have been so familiar to John and discover what it would have been like to be a first-century follower of Christ sitting at John's feet, eagerly listening as he recounted stories that no one else could tell them. Your DVD or VHS will include all four parts of this series. Approximate running time-110 minutes."

If you would like to have the DVD, "Wisdom From Ephesus", you can order it for a gift of any size to RBC Ministries. However, if you call 1-800-613-5162 and order it from the "In The Studio" radio program (which is part of RBC Ministries), it will help boost the program's response-- something we all appreciate very much.

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