Saturday, August 23, 2008

BILLY Movie Website

The official website for BILLY: THE EARLY YEARS is now fully developed and is linked here. There are additional scenes from the movie posted, including a "Making Of" video by Cooper Alan when you click on "Trailers".
I went back over some of the interviews I did with the producers, cast, and crew back in April on location in Tennessee and was reminded in the very first interview that we did with Director Robbie Benson that we talked about the historical accuracy of telling the early life story of Dr. Graham. You can hear the entire list of interviews at
The reason I asked Robbie the accuracy question was that I had just seen an old movie on the life of George Gershwin. Following the movie, the host pointed out that almost none of the story was true-- it had all been pretty much fabricated to make an interesting movie. Despite some recent comments about the BILLY movie, I'm pleased that the integrity of the producers of BILLY, as well as their respect and admiration for Dr. Graham, spared us such an outcome.


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