Friday, September 5, 2008

Catching Up

Well, the end of summer means lots of projects. August ended with the Saddleback Civil Forum on the Presidency which continues to make headlines even after the political conventions. It seems that it still resonates with people as a better example of how to have political dialogue. If you have not heard it (or want to listen again) you can go to to hear our broadcast. Our followup interview with Rick Warren the following Monday can be heard at

Also in August, we recorded a radio special for Far East Broadcasting Company with Gregg Harris (more about this later when it is released). What a great experience to meet and spend some time with Gregg, an excellent, young leader of a 60 year old organization that has a bright ministry future.

Okay, now it's September. After recording with the team at THE PUBLIC SQUARE last Tuesday, I headed to Nashville in order to attend the TOKENS SHOW-- a creative and unique live stage presentation at Lipscomb University. Jeff Taylor is the band leader and has been after me to come down for one of their shows. I loved taking it in and hearing Buddy Greene, Derek Webb (a young, old friend from Second Baptist in Houston) and Odessa Settles all sing that night. We're inviting Odessa to join us in our next session IN THE STUDIO with Michael Card.

Next week, I will be hosting and interviewing a pastor from Ethiopia who has experienced first-hand the hunger crisis as well as extreme persecution. David Hunt and Envoy Ministries is bringing this Ethiopian pastor and friend the States for us to have the chance to record some interviews.

The rest of September includes recording sessions for HEARTLIGHT RADIO and WALK IN THE WORD as well as a live broadcast movie premier in Los Angeles of FIREPROOF, which we are very excited about. On the last Friday of September, it's the annual MAKING A DIFFERENCE Banquet in Cleveland which goes hand in hand with THE PUBLIC SQUARE.

Then, a deep breath and October-- starting with the premier of BILLY: THE EARLY YEARS! I've posted a 4-part interview about the movie which ran on Moody Radio's PRIME TIME AMERICA this week-- it's on the front page of my website,

Thanks for your prayers.

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