Wednesday, April 9, 2008

BILLY: The Early Years

I spent most of the day today in Nashville on location with a movie production crew filming the early life story of Dr. Billy Graham.  The movie, not yet officially titled, covers his life up through the 1949 Los Angeles crusade.  The scene being shot today on location in an old office building was his departure from Bob Jones Academy when he "dared" to ask questions in class.  I was able to talk with the actor playing Dr. Bob Jones, Larry Black, as well as the young man, Armie Hammer, playing the part of Dr. Graham.

The movie is planned for release this September.

Why was I there?  I have been asked to do some radio interviews and promotion for the movie.  I'll be there again next week when they re-create the tent meeting that resulted in Billy Graham's conversion as a teenager.  Those interviews and lots of audio clips will be made available next week on my ftp site for radio stations to download and use.

Those of you in radio should be receiving an email from me soon with details.  If you like, send me an email now to make sure you are on the list.  Stay tuned!



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